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Police Hunting ‘Dumb’ Runaway Crane Driver



POLICE are hunting a crane driver who did a runner after knocking down power lines on a busy road.

Security camera footage, which can also be viewed on You Tube under “World’s Dumbest Crane Driver”, shows the white crane cruising at slow speed along Brisbane Road, Redbank, about 6.30pm on Wednesday night.

The crane’s jib gets caught in an overhead cable and brings wires crashing to the ground – just outside the Commercial Hotel.

A dark-coloured four-wheel-drive travelling just behind the crane notices the flash of light and stops ahead of the lines, before reversing and taking a safer route.

Meanwhile, the crane continues at the same speed, with the driver seemingly unaware of the damage his vehicle has caused.

Goodna-based Ipswich City Councillor Paul Tully said dozens of Commercial Hotel patrons witnessed the bizarre incident.

Cr Tully said he was furious that the driver failed to stop at the scene, which he described as a potential death trap for pedestrians on the busy strip.

“What sort of driver would leave the scene with live power cables across the road,” he said.

“Someone could easily have been killed. The police should throw the book at the driver when they catch him.”

Cr Tully said a patron at the Kerwick Hotel later confronted the driver about what he had done. “The driver denied it, told him to get f***ed and drove off towards Goodna,” Cr Tully said. Mayor Paul Pisasale said the incident showed how important the city’s Safe City camera network was.

“It shows you can run but you can’t hide,” Cr Pisasale said.

“I am sure that police, with the assistance of Safe City, will be able to quickly bring the driver to justice.”

A spokeswoman from the State Government Department of Main Roads yesterday confirmed the man was working as a sub-contractor for Origin Alliance – the entity responsible for the major roadwork.

It was the second time within three weeks that an Origin Alliance machinery operator had a run-in with a high voltage power line.

An excavator driver accidentally hit an underground power cable at Dinmore on September 22, cutting power to thousands of Ipswich homes.

Energex crews restored the power lines and the road was reopened about 9pm Wednesday.

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