Crane Accidents

Crane Accident


Maverick Junction, South Dakota

Crane Accident

A large crane, being used for work on the new bridge spanning the Cheyenne River along Hwy. 18/385 just south of Maverick Junction, tipped over last week on Tuesday, Sept. 29. Representatives with Heavy Constructors of Rapid City said no one was seriously hurt in the accident and that the unfortunate event did not hamper any progress on the work being done on the bridge. They however refused to comment any further on the cause incident, other than to say it is currently under investigation. The crane was the smaller of the two that were being used on the bridge construction. Tim Wicks with the South Dakota Department of Transportation said work on the expansion of the four-lane highway, from Maverick Junction to the Smithwick turnoff, is progressing as planned. He said paving will start this week on the south bound lane between the bridge and Maverick, while grading work continues from the Angostura Den turnoff to the south end of the project.

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