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Crane Collapses onto Shop Roof


United Kingdom – northern Ireland

A supermarket manager in Carrickfergus, County Antrim, says he is lucky to be alive after a construction crane collapsed on to the top of his store.

Crane Collapses onto Shop Roof

It is thought that the crane, operated by Graham Construction, sank into unstable ground before tipping over on Wednesday afternoon.

The arm of the crane pierced the Woodside supermarket’s roof.

Store manager Keith Glasgow said he had a narrow escape, with components from the crane landing in his office.

“About a three to four foot block on the end of the wire rope swung like a pendulum out over the top of the roof,” he said.

“It landed through the roof, through my office ceiling and straight down on to my office chair.

“When I came back from dealing with the incident outside, the chain, the block, the hook and all was just sitting on my chair basically.”

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