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Probe as Worker Crushed to Death



A man died in a horrific worksite accident yesterday when he was crushed by falling concrete slabs. Bahrain labour chiefs have ordered an investigation into the death of Indian Lasumaiah Dumpla.

The 41-year-old is said to have died instantly when he was hit by the slabs, which fell as they were being lifted by an overhead crane.

Health Ministry sources said he suffered multiple fractures to his legs and torso in the accident, which happened at the Eastern Asphalt and Mixed Concrete Company’s plant in Eker at around 9am.

The Indian crane operator was being questioned yesterday and initial investigations have revealed he did not have a crane licence, said Labour Ministry Occupational Health and Safety acting head Hussain Al Shami.

“The preliminary investigations suggested that the driver of the crane that carried the slabs was operating it without a licence,” he told the GDN.

“When companies assign this job to a worker, they need to select someone who has a licence and experience in operating the cranes.

“But after investigating we discovered that the driver was not authorised to operate the crane.”

He said the concrete slabs fell from a height of around 3m as they were being moved and landed on Mr Dumpla, possibly because straps that should have kept them in place were loose.

“The worker was standing below the area where the crane was operating,” Mr Al Shami said.

“The operator lifted seven slabs, weighing around two to three tonnes, 3m above the ground and was supposed to drop them 20m away.

“But when he attempted to do that, he accidentally hit the other slabs placed in the yard.

“The slabs being carried tilted and fell on the worker, who was standing below. The belt that tied the slabs together was also loose.”

Mr Al Shami said Mr Dumpla was wearing safety clothing, but it did not protect him from the heavy concrete blocks.

He said company officials and staff at the scene were questioned and said a final report would be submitted to the Public Prosecution, which would decide if any further action should be taken.

The body of Mr Dumpla, from Andhra Pradesh, is now awaiting repatriation at the Salmaniya Medical Complex morgue.

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