Crane Accidents

Father of Two Children Electrocuted


Sri Lanka

A 44-year-old father of two, who was an electrician by profession, died after being electrocuted.

The victim of the fatal accident was M. Lakshman Wijeratne of Rathambale,Millatte, who was supplying an electricity connection to a house on Radawana road, Mandawela at the time.According to witnesses the cause of the accident was the electricity post he was working on coming into contact with a high powered current cable while being erected with the aid of a crane.

Inquirer-into-sudden-deaths Deshakeerthi P.W. Amarasekara of Kirindiwela conducted inquiries.

A Post- mortem examination was conducted by JMO Wathupitiwala Hospital Ms. Malisha Weerasinghe, which confirmed that the death occurred due to electrocution.

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