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Two Receive Electric Shock In Tree Trimming Accident


Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Two Sioux Falls men were taken to the hospital Saturday evening after receiving an electric shock from a power line.

Sioux Falls police say the men were trimming trees at a building near 12th Street and Western Avenue when they were shocked by electricity.

“They were in the bucket, elevated quite high up, and at some point they came in contact with the highline wire,” Sgt. Skip Benz with the Sioux Falls Police Department said.

When police arrived, the men were still in the the hydraulic lift with a running chainsaw. Police secured the chainsaw, then helped the shock victims.

One of the men was unconscious and sufferered life-threatening injuries. Both men were taken to the hospital.

Xcel energy was called to check the area and make sure no live wires were exposed.

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