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Bridge Closed Following Equipment Accident


Natchez, Mississippi

Traffic in the west bound lane of the Mississippi River bridge was closed for approximately four hours following an equipment accident on the bridge.

Bridge Closed Following Equipment Accident (1)

The east-bound lanes were open for two-way traffic until approximately 4:15 p.m., when one of the west-bound lanes was cleared.

The closure happened after a crane boom snagged an overhead beam of the bridge and fell off the trailer on which it was traveling, police officals on the scene said.

During the course of the accident, the crane tore some of the railing on the bridge.

Traffic is backing up on John R. Junkin Drive as far back as the Natchez Mall because of the bridge closure.

Mississippi Department of Transportation officials were on the scene inspecting the damage. An official with MDOT said the damage appears to be mostly to the railing.

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