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Falling Crane Traps Operator


Merriwether, South Carolina

Falling Crane Traps Operator (1)

A crane operator was severely injured when the Lorain crane he was operating toppled and left him pinned beneath the cab. The first call for EMS and Merriwether Fire Rescue came in around 5 pm Saturday from Haglar Systems at 890 Five Notch Road and the first crews arrived in minutes.

Other workers used three forklifts trying to free the man, trapped partially in the cab and his legs crushed from the knees down between the cab and the ground, while awaiting rescue personnel.

Merriwether Firemen sprung into action using a Hearst tool, floor jacks, wedges, blocking, and an assortment of other tools to try to cut the man free. The man was conscious and alert and speaking with firefighters as they worked to free him.Falling Crane Traps Operator (2)

Firemen cut parts of the frame of the cab and then used jacks to lift another section and were able to pull the man free. He was quickly loaded into an awaiting ambulance and rushed to the MCG Trauma Unit in Augusta. He was said to be in very serious condition at the time of transport.

The scene was taped off and an investigation into the accident is underway.
According to a member of the Merriwether Fire Department the operator was attempting to lift a large load when the crane began to sway back and forth. As the swaying began to increase the operator tried to jump from the crane and it toppled as he was jumping and trapped only his legs. “A few more inches either way and he’d been dead”, one rescuer commented.

It took about 30 minutes to free the trapped man.

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