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Crane Incident Could Have Killed Worker



Crane Incident Could Have Killed Worker

The Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) says someone could have been killed in an accident at an office and residential construction site near Gouger Street in Adelaide.

The union says a cage fell 70 metres to the ground on Tuesday after the cable connecting it to a crane snapped.

CFMEU assistant secretary Aaron Cartledge says a gutter on a neighbouring building was damaged when the two-metre cage dropped, but the mishap could have been worse.

“There was someone about to, as they roped the cage from the 12th floor they then use a harness system and they go in and remove the joinery that was in the cage, now that worker there was just about to, 30 seconds later and he would have been in that cage,” he said.

SafeWork SA says inspectors have seized the crane and secured the construction site as part of an investigation.

The building group leading the construction work at the site says it is waiting for the investigation to be finished before commenting.

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