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Drill Rig Collapses in Bellevue


Bellevue, Washington

A tall drilling rig toppled over here early Monday afternoon, but no one was injured.

Witnesses said the rig crashed just after 2 p.m. in the 70 block of Cascade Key, which is in the Newport Shores area of Bellevue.

Video from Air 4 showed the drill boom, about 50 yards long, toppled over across some bushes and down along a yard near the shoreline.

The construction company says the drill is used to put concrete and steel pilings into place to build a foundation. Crews were working on soft soil near the waterfront when the rig started to give way.

They spent a little time trying to correct it, but the big piece of machinery then suddenly collapsed into a neighboring yard. There was a worker inside the cab of the rig, but he was able to get out just before it began to tip over.

“(The sound of the collapse) reminded me of being in an amusement park,” said witness Terry Foulon. “And that clattering of the cars on a roller coaster when they go around — it was that kind of sound. It made me think something was wrong.

The neighbors where the rig toppled are the ones who hired the company to build a new home in the property next door.

Federal safety inspectors from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will now come and check out the equipment.

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