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Three Injured, Two Critically, in Black Thunder Crane Accident


Gillette, Wyoming

Three Injured, Two Critically, in Black Thunder Crane AccidentA 1,100 tonne Lampson Transilift crane working at the Black Thunder Mine in northeast Wyoming has collapsed and blocked a railway line today, injuring three people, two critically.

A Lampson employee, Rodney Loffler was suffering from Contusions and stress fractures to his vertibrae, while Andrew Milonis and Frederico Salinas both of whom work for the mine are in crtical but stable condition.

Officials from the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration in Denver, are heading for the coal mine, which is located around 180 miles north of Cheyenne,to conduct an investigation.

The crane was moving a 250 tonne, 70 metre long section of conveyor tube over the railway lines when the accident occurred. A section of the tubing blocked the main line tracks, which carries around a third of the nations coal.

Material and debris were also blocking a connection off the main line that serves the Black Thunder and Jacob Ranch mines. The crane is working on the construction of a loadout silo, which is used to move coal into freight cars.

The Transilift, built by Lampson itself, uses large crawler transporters as a base, allowing it to pick and carry massive loads.
The crane was moved into the site earlier this year.

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