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House Hit by Monster Crane


United Kingdom 

A monster crane toppled onto a Black Country home in a dramatic building blunder, punching a hole in the roof and sending debris into the street.

The crane, weighing 26 tonnes, was passing steel girders over the top of the detached home when it overreached, causing it to fall off balance.

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The crane, from Brierley Hill’s M.D Crane Hire Ltd, tipped up onto two wheels sending its jib crashing down onto the roof of the house in Hadcroft Grange, Lye, Stourbridge.

The driver escaped unharmed from his cab but was unable to stop the crane plunging down through the top of the house.

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There is not thought to have been anyone in the house at the time, although the owner did not want to comment.

The loud crash brought neighbours running out of their homes in the quiet street where they came face-to-face with the nightmare scene. Next door neighbour Brian Hill said: “I just can’t believe it – the main thing is that no one was hurt. It has only just missed my house as well.”

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The crane’s giant arm crushed a dormer window and has left a gaping hole in the roof which will add up to thousands of pounds’ worth of damage.

A second crane was called from M.D Crane Hire Ltd to help drag it off the house under the watch of a police office.

As it was pulled away part of the roof crumbled away revealing a giant hole.

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It is not known which firm was operating the crane. There was no one available from M.D Crane Hire Ltd to comment today.

Health and safety officials are expected to visit the site today to assess the damage and risk to the residents.

Some of the 15-ft steel girders being hoisted remained outside the front of the house yesterday. Onlooker Keith Davies said: “It is lucky one of those didn’t drop on anyone walking past or it could have been a lot worse.”

Workers have now had to put waterproof sheets over the top of the gaping hole in the roof of the house.And workers were expected to be returning to the site today to try and start putting things right.

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