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Riverside One’s Wrecking Crane Hits YWCA


Evansville, Indiana

If you felt a rumble in downtown Evansville Monday, you weren’t alone.

The 100-foot boom section of the crane that is meant to knock down the Riverside One Apartment building, accidentally grazed the side of the YWCA.

It was the section that had the wrecking ball attached to it.

Officials say the operator sensed something was wrong and was able to drop the ball straight down, in a way that didn’t do a lot of damage.

Vectren spokesperson Mike Roeder says, “The contractor working on the demolition of Riverside One had a weld break and the boom fell. Fortunately, there were no injuries on either the job site, nor the YWCA. Obviously a bad accident, but we are very fortunate that there were no injuries at all.”

About an hour after the accident, residents of the YWCA shelter were evacuated to the Industrial Contractors building across the street, until the damage could be assessed.

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