Crane Accidents

Close Shave for Five at IT Park


Kishangarh, India

The contractor fled the scene.

Reportedly, five migrant labourers were seriously injured this morning while laying a sewage exhaust pipe at the Chandigarh Technology park in Kishangarh. The labourers suffered critical burn injuries as the JCB crane lifting the pipe came in contact with an 11,000 volt live overhead wire.

Reportedly, private contractor Babbar, hired by the MC, had brought the five workers — Uma Shanker, Chandan, Nanku, Suresh and Vishwanath — to the site around 10am today.

As the JCB crane lifted the pipe to straighten it out before placing it inside the pit, the crane accidentally came in contact with an overhead high tension wire, eye witnesses said. Uma Shanker and Chandan, who were holding the pipe while the JCB was lifting it, were thrown almost 500 feet away with the electric shock. The other three workers, who were working nearby, also suffered the electric shock.

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