Crane Accidents

Roofers Plunge to Their Deaths



Two men were killed and two others were seriously injured when part of a roof they were installing fell on them and crushed them.

The four men were building a prefabricated family home and large wooden panels to make the roof were being swung up to them with a crane. As one panel came up, it apparently came loose from the crane and slammed onto the men.

“It happened in a fraction of a second,” said Pascal Morency, who was operating the crane bringing the roof sections to the men when the accident happened around 4 p.m.

“I was raising the second section of the roof and preparing to lower it when I saw a piece of wood rupture and the roof fell on the workers,” he said.

Morency leaped from the cab of his crane and yelled for help when he saw what happened.

Two of the workmen were killed instantly, a coroner said. Two others were taken to hospital in Quebec City, about 50 kilometres away, in serious condition.

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