Crane Accidents

Harness Saves Man in Fall From Cell Tower


Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska

A cell tower worker fell 250 feet from his perch earlier this week and lived to tell about it.

Ray Hull, 35, of Durant, Okla., was in the air Tuesday when a crane cable broke, sending him plummeting. His safety harness kicked in about 30 feet from the ground, saving him.

Hull was one of several workers putting up a Nextel Partners Inc. tower near Cedar Bluffs in Saunders County when the accident happened.

Sheriff’s Sergeant Mitch Bridges said that when the cable snapped, the top of the tower toppled, taking Hull with it.

Hull fell about 220 feet before his harness caught, Bridges said. The belt on the harness then broke, and he fell the additional 30 feet to the ground.

Hull suffered two broken bones in his right leg, as well as several scrapes and bruises from the fall.

“He’s really pretty lucky,” said Hull’s brother, Jimmy Hull. “Anybody falling 240-some feet and surviving, that’s a miracle.”

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