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Crane Operator Killed in Freak Accident


Ipoh, Malaysia

Crane Operator Killed in Freak Accident

A crane driver who tried to use his vehicle to lift a lorry which had crashed near a ravine died when his machine was pulled into the gully instead.

S. Muthu Krishnan, 22, was killed instantly in the incident on the North-South Expressway near Kampung Tawas at 10pm on Tuesday.

His body was sent to the Ipoh Hospital for a post-mortem.

According to a police spokesman, the lorry, which was heading south, had hit a divider in the middle of the expressway and landed near the edge of the ravine.

While Muthu was struggling to extricate the lorry with his crane, it suddenly jerked and plunged into the ravine, dragging the crane with it, the spokesman said.

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