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Worker Injured at Site of Bridge


Wagerstown, Maryland  A member of a Washington County Highway Department crew clearing logs and debris from the base of the Broadfording Bridge sustained a broken leg Tuesday morning when he was struck by a log, rescuers said.

Three Workers Hurt When Elevator Plummets


Bellevue, Washington Three construction workers were hurt Wednesday when an exterior elevator they were dismantling collapsed. The accident happened just before 8 a.m. at the Lincoln Square construction site. The three men, wearing harnesses, were on top of the cage part of the hoist working to tear it down when the cage Read More

Three Hurt as Crane Hits Power Line in Brentwood

Three Hurt as Crane Hits Power Line in Brentwood

Brentwood, Pennsylvania A crane driver was critically burned and two other construction workers were seriously injured at a job site at a Brentwood shopping center after a scaffold being moved by a crane came in contact with a high voltage power line. The accident happened at 10:42 a.m. yesterday, when Read More

Man Killed in Crane Tragedy


United Kingdom A grieving wife today spoke of her torment at losing her childhood sweetheart in a freak workplace accident. Roger Ireland, 52, of Oval Road, Costessey, died after a large steel plate being carried by a crane swung around and hit him on the back of the head at Read More

Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa, Japan (1)

Okinawa, Japan It was a hot summer day in May 2002, in Japan (Okinawa). I was picking up ribbon bridge sections. I had already lifted five other sections. By the time the next section was ready, I had to move closer. I was set up over the rear picking up Read More

Workers Escape Serious Injury When Bridge Falls


Hastings, Florida More information lost due to broken links.

Steel Slips From Crane, Kills Construction Worker


White Plaines, New York Steel reinforcing rods weighing more than half a ton broke loose as they were being lifted by a crane Monday and rained down on construction workers, killing one, officials said. The dead man was identified as Richard Ellis, 40. A second man suffered a minor injury.

Contractor Files Suit in Fatal Crane Collapse


Black & Veatch filed the lawsuit in Superior Court against Milford Power Co. LLC and Hartford Fire Insurance Co., alleging breach of contract and seeking to recover $23 million in labor and construction costs that have gone unpaid since the fatal accident.  The action is a counterclaim filed in response Read More

Power Line Worker Electrocuted, Dies


Minden Township, Minnesota A Sauk Rapids man, Daniel Kirchner, 40, was working in a ladder bucket extended from a truck, reportedly co-owned by Accurate Electric, a Sauk Rapids-based electrical company.

Crane Operator Killed in Freak Accident


Sibu, Malaysia More information lost due to broken links.

Mobile Crane Turned Over in School Yard


Perth, Australia More information lost due to broken links.

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