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Broken Rules Cited In Death


Lakeland, Florida 

Original Story (08/27/2002):  Electric Worker Killed in Accident

A report on the accident that killed Lakeland Electric worker Marc Moore on Aug. 26 has found numerous failures to follow standard safety rules by a crew installing a utility pole.

Part of a crane, most likely the winch cable weight, hit a live electric line, and between 450 and 560 volts arced to the wet ground where Moore and other workers were standing.

The report, which was recently released by city officials, was prepared for Lakeland Electric by J. B. Shepherd and Associates of Windermere, a private consulting firm comprised of electrical engineers and former utility supervisors.

“The employees interviewed all understand that these rules were not followed,” the report said. “Some were aware of the rules before the incident; others were not . . .

“They apparently shared a common (erroneous) belief that the rubber gloves they were wearing would protect them from injury if the crane contacted the energized conductors. The experienced employees displayed a cavalier attitude regarding setting a pole in proximity to energized conductors.”

Moore, 31, a special-equipment operator, was working with a four-man crew setting a 1,470pound, 40-foot utility pole in a pre-dug hole near an existing 35foot pole in the rear of Citrus Woods Mobile Home Park, 1610 Reynolds Road.

Another four-man line crew was preparing to leave the site after installing some insulated wiring for the pole crew when the accident took place. Two other utility workers were also at the scene.

Investigators interviewed eight workers, including seven eyewitnesses.

One of them was Lakeland Electric lineman Steve Doyle, who told investigators he knew something was terribly wrong.

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