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Crane Wreck Kills Man


St. Thomas, Ontario 

Crane Wreck Kills Man

The driver, John Helmer, was thrown from his crane after it veered off the road and into Catfish Creek.

The crane crashed front–first into Catfish Creek, smashing the corner of the concrete bridge on the way down.

“I saw the pole shake when he hit it and it was just a big thing of dust,” said Grant Campbell, a nearby resident who phoned 911.

Helmer was thrown about 15 metres from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene.

“I heard him coming down the hill and just when he was passing by my laneway, he was cranking the steering wheel and it wasn’t moving,” said Campbell, who was cutting his lawn at the time of the accident.

“They say when you hit a bump in those things that you easily lose control.” Campbell, who has lived near the creek most of his life, said it is a dangerous road.

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