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Toppled Crane Finally Removed From Queens Courthouse


Queens, New York 

The State Supreme Court in Queens will reopen Wednesday afternoon now that a toppled construction crane has finally been removed.

The 150-foot crane fell through unstable ground and collapsed onto the courthouse on Monday afternoon, destorying part of the facade. A woman was treated and released for minor injuries, and the operator of the crane remained hospitalized in critical but stable condition Wednesday.

Over 100 people who were evacuated from two nearby apartment buildings after the collapse were allowed to return to their homes Tuesday night.

After failing to lift the toppled crane on several earlier attempts, engineers removed the top to alleviate the stress on the courthouse. Then a larger crane was used to lift the collapsed one a little bit at a time.

The courthouse was still closed Monday morning, but it could reopen in the afternoon. Anyone with a jury summons or business at the court should call ahead.

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