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Okinawa, Japan


Okinawa, Japan

It was a hot summer day in May 2002, in Japan (Okinawa). I was picking up ribbon bridge sections. I had already lifted five other sections.

Okinawa, Japan (1)

By the time the next section was ready, I had to move closer. I was set up over the rear picking up 13,500 lbs and swinging it to the center. The rigger hooked the slings and I tighted the slings and was ready to go.

Okinawa, Japan (2)

As I started to get closer to the center, the signalman saw the front left outrigger lift up. I tried to correct it, but it was too late.

Okinawa, Japan (3)
I stayed in the cab with my hands on the windshield as it went down. Luckly I walked away only just shaking and slight panic.

Okinawa, Japan (4)

The crane is a Harnischfeger High Speed High Mobility Crane (HSHMC) 25ton. I have over three years experience with the crane and went to a Marine Corps Journeymans Course.

Okinawa, Japan (5)

I hope you can use these photos as a tool for other operators to follow. The investigators never found out what happened, niether do I know. I was set up for 19,100#.

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