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Overturned 4000 Manitowoc


Texas City, Texas

Here are some pictures of a 4000 Manitowoc turned over at future site of Coker at Valero’s, Texas City, site.

Overturned 4000 Manitowoc (1)

The crane is owned by Piling Inc. The crane had a load, leads 17.000 pounds, hammer 22.000#, and piling 33.000 pounds. Gross capacity, 94.000 at 30ft. Pickup point of pile placement at 90 ft.

Overturned 4000 Manitowoc (2)

Dragging to crane caused the crane to get light. The operator continued to run the crane.

Overturned 4000 Manitowoc (3)

When he realized he was fixing to turn over he cut the brake loose and jumped away from crane and crane turned over.

Overturned 4000 Manitowoc (4)

He was unharmed, just shaken. The operator has 37 years experience. Another case of runnning by the seat of your pants that has devasting effects. Date of accident 2/14/02

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