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Mechanical Failure — Controlled Incident


 Miami, Florida 

It is reported that a GCI crane was working on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach with 125′ main and a 55′ jib when a mechanical problem developed. The operator said he lost both boom functions.

While towering the crane down for further inspection, about half-way down the boom started to run. Thankfully, the area was cleared prior to this and there were minimal damages and no injuries.

The incident is still under investigation to determine the exact cause of the mechanical malfunction.

Update: We dismantled the boom hoist today. The main shaft broke right where it enters the planetary gears. It was obvious this is the weak point of the unit as the shaft is 1 1/2″ in diameter and is machined down to almost 3/4″ where it is splined for the planetaries. This failure is rare but not unheard of. We called around and learned of three other duplicate incidents. With the age of our machines we are now checking the other GCI and tracking down replacement hoists or at least new shafts for the others. The angle of the break explained why it didn’t just freefall, it was partially grabbing all the way down.

Doyle, if you would, put a heads up notice by our report for other GCI owners with my email if they have any questions.

For questions, contact Bill Titus:

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