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Worker Killed in “Spider-Man” Set Accident


Downey, California

8/23/2001 Update: State Regulators Fine Sony $59,000

9/20/2001 Update: Widow Sues Columbia

A welder building sets for the movie “Spider-Man” was killed Tuesday in a crane collapse.

The crane toppled onto a construction basket in which the welder was riding and struck him in the head, authorities said.

“There was a slight breeze this morning and that could have been a factor,” Deputy Fire Marshal Robert Rowe said.

No filming was underway and no actors were on the uncompleted sets.

“Spider-Man,” based on the Marvel Comics hero, will star Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe and Kirsten Dunst. It is due to open next year.

Construction of the sets started several months ago at a former aircraft assembly plant 20 miles from Los Angeles.

The two (2) men were reportedly positioned and elevated in a Genie Boom Lift platform. They were to weld a metal framework to the roof of a building facade. This framework was being lifted approximately 35 feet in the air by the Ingersoll-Rand VR-90 Forklift. While attempting to position the metal framework, the VR-90 was traveling with the load, made a turn and traveled over a curb, which caused the load to sway and resulted in the forklift tipping over. As the VR-90 was tipping over, it came into contact with the Genie Boom lift causing it to tipover. The boom of the VR-90 forklift reportedly struck one (45-year-old worker employed by Sony Productions) of the two men occupying the Genie Boom Lift in the head which resulted in this individual sustaining fatal injuries.

CALOSHA and the City of Downey Fire Department have investigated the incident.

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