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Worker Killed When a Crane Boom Collapsed and Fell on Him


Walnut Grove, Alabama 

Phillip Timothy Robinson, Age 41.

According to OSHA, on the day of the accident for a bridge construction company, working in Colbert County, employees were removing a 21-foot section from an 80-foot Link-Belt crane. Thompson was standing under the crane and while he was pounding out a pin, the boom collapsed and fell on him.

The company was issued a willful citation with a proposed penalty of $63,000 for not properly supporting the boom, which was about six feet off the ground.

“Had this employer followed the manufacturer’s instructions and OSHA regulations regarding the dismantling of the crane, this fatality would have been avoided,” said William A. Burke, acting director of OSHA’s Birmingham office.

The company also was cited for two alleged safety violations for failing to inspect the crane each day prior to use to make sure it was in safe operating condition, and for failing to properly train employees to recognize and avoid unsafe conditions.

The company also received an additional $11,200 proposed penalty for a repeat offense of failing to barricade the accessible rear-swing-radius area of the crane cab so employees could not enter that space and risk being crushed as the cab turned.

The company, Clark Construction Company, was cited in 1999 for a similar violation.

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