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500 Ton Demag Accident


Seattle, Washington 

On February 27, 2001, Sicklesteel Cranes was moving a 500 ton Demag with a luffing jib attached, in preparation of booming it down for disassembly.

500 ton Demag (1)

Somehow the crane became unbalanced and tipped over.

500 ton Demag (2)

The boom crushed the two conveyors that feed coal to the top of Trans Alta’s Centralia, Washington coal fired steam power plant, shutting down both generators.

500 ton Demag (3)

The good news is there were no injuries!

500 ton Demag (4)

Sicklesteel Cranes is located north of Seattle, they had just finished two picks for P.S.F. Industries. P.S.F. is a subcontractor for Stone & Webster a division of The Shaw Group doing a major emissions upgrade at the steam plant.

500 ton Demag (5)

The official cause of the accident was due to having too much boom extended at too high an angle and 5 inches of transverse slope in 10 feet on the ground.

500 ton Demag (6)

Also the operators didn’t reset the air bags to relevel the crane when the ground slope changed from the spot where the crane was set for the pick.

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