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Northern California

Mobile Crane Destroyed by Power Line Contact 2000Power line accident #28.  The operator stated that he looked up after hearing humming noises, saw that he had contacted high power lines and jumped from the control station. Yeah … he is still alive to tell about it. No one was hurt. The only damage was to the crane.

Editor’s comments: With a utility pole next to the truck it should have been pretty obvious there were probably power lines attached to it. Look up and live!

The local fire department was called but could do nothing until power was shut off. According to the crane operator it took the electric company about 20 – 30 minutes to shut off power. The crane remained there at first like it was just parked. After about 10 – 15 minutes the tires started smoking and then combusted into flames. The fire then engulfed the rest of the vehicle while the construction workers and fire department watched helplessly.

The crane was recently certified. One of the things the owner had to do was put on a “Cal/OSHA approved” electrical warning decal in order to get his certification certificate.

The incident occurred in Northern California. It was the first negative crane incident the company has experienced.

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