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Construction Worker Killed


Arizona A construction worker was killed on Wednesday when a 10 ton crane he was using to drill septic tank holes toppled over and crushed him in the trench. (operator error) As of late Wednesday night his body was not removed from the trench. Possible cause was improper setup of Read More

Lost Jib On 777 Manitowoc


Ghent, Kentucky On Friday November 3, Maxim Crane Works (Anthony Crane) lost a jib out of a model 777 Manitowoc lattice boom crane. The accident happened when the operator tried to stand a column weighing around 30,000 pounds, off of an eighty foot jib causing a structural failure of the Read More

Crane Operator Left Dangling


Toronto, Canada It was a stressful and terrifying day on the job Friday for a Toronto crane operator. He spent several hours dangling in the air, hanging over a pit after his crane toppled over. The operator was trapped inside the cabin of the crane while rescuers struggled to free Read More

Crane Operator Dies


Buford, Georgia Crane Operator Dies on Construction Site.  When a crane began to collapse Tuesday in Buford, the operator jumped off and rushed to warn other workers on the job site. After the Commerce man yelled his warning, the crane knocked over a concrete wall, crushing him, fire officials said. Read More

Load of Tubing Spills From Basket


Torrance, California A Maxim Crane Works 888 skip basket got hung up on something and showered material through a unit as a direct result of miscommunication of radio signals. The accident happened in the Exxon Mobil Torrance Refinery. What Happened? The accident happened when a basket of scaffold tubing that Read More

Crane Overturns


Austin, Texas There was an accident on Thursday, November 16th in Austin, Texas involving a 150 ton Link-Belt conventional owned by Alamo Crane Service of San Antonio, Texas. They were setting tilt-walls when the crane turned over. The crane was in the process of walking a tilt wall on an Read More

Power Line Accident


Houston, Texas Power line accident #22 reported to this site this year. A young rigger was electrocuted after being warned about the lift cable getting to close to the power lines. Witnesses said, “He grabbed the headache ball and pushed it into the power lines.”

Thomas Nadeau


Commerce, Georgia Thomas, age 36, was the crane operator of a boomtruck and was crushed to death when the crane tipped over. The fully extended boom hit the concrete wall of the building causing it to fall, crushing the operator underneath as he shouted to others to move while trying Read More

Construction Crane Collapses


Fort Lauderdale, Florida A construction crane collapsed at a riverside site just before noon today, blocking traffic on both sides of East Las Olas Boulevard in the downtown.

Crane Boom goes over backwards


Frederick, Maryland Crane boom goes over backwards at Bechtel Corporation’s fifth office building presently under construction in Frederick, Maryland. It is reported that a strong gust of wind caused the long boom to go over backwards.  Fortunately, no one was injured. There was an article and photo of the accident Read More

Concrete Slab Detaches Limb of Worker


Reno, Nevada Concrete slab detaches limb of worker. Police said the accident apparently resulted from a release cable that disconnected as it was being adjusted from a slab of concrete.  The left arm of a construction worker was severed at the elbow in an accident at a job site here Read More

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