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Crane Boom Falls Across Expressway


Hong Kong

Two drivers narrowly escaped death yesterday when a crane toppled over in high winds and smashed into their vehicles outside the Western Harbour Crossing.

Siu Po-lung, 39, was hit by flying glass when the crane smashed into his goods van and came to a halt 8cm above his head. Driver Chiu Kin-hung had a lucky escape when his four-wheel-drive vehicle was sent spinning out of control after the huge crane slammed into it.

The 40-tonne crane – mounted on a truck – toppled over while lifting a three-tonne metal stand in an open area in Eastern Street, 10 metres above the entrance to the tunnel at about 10.30am.

A police investigator said he suspected the crane truck flipped over due to strong winds. It had been extended to 30 metres and was being operated by worker Long Wai, 45. The metal stand fell on to the open area but the crane toppled on to the tunnel’s entrance. Mr Long suffered minor injuries to his left leg.

Mr. Chiu, 29, said a dark shadow flew toward his vehicle as he drove out of the tunnel: “I had no time to think or swerve my car. The crane hit the bonnet and my car span around at least twice before it stopped,” he said from Queen Mary Hospital. The crane then hit the goods van, which was behind the four-wheel-drive. Mr Siu, who was showered with glass, said: “The crane crashed through my van and it was just 8cm above my head. I was so lucky.”

The three injured men were treated at Queen Mary Hospital and discharged.

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