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Power Line Contact Injures Crane Operator


Nashville, Tennessee

Power Line Accident Caused by Wind Tennessee 2000What should have been a routine construction job nearly electrocuted a man Tuesday. Terry white, a crane operator for Elliot Crane Service, was nearly electrocuted while working behind the big K-Mart on Nolensville road. White was on the ground working on a steel cable when the arm of his crane, called a boom, was blown across un-insulated power lines. Rick Lauper was first to get to White “I was afraid to get close to it because the boom was still swinging and every time it would swing there’d be an arc. It burned him up pretty bad, he was combative. I was trying to get him to lay down and be still.”  NES officials say the accident sent nearly 24-thousand volts of electricity surging through white’s body.

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