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Wind Fells 60-Metre Crane



It was booms away when high winds knocked down a 60-metre-tall construction crane in downtown Edmonton yesterday.

Winds gusting to 75 kmh toppled the crane from its base and sent it crashing to the ground at a parkade construction site at 104 Avenue and 110 Street.

No one was working at the site yesterday and no one was injured, said crane owner Senno Krinke. He said an employee discovered the accident while checking the site.

“It fell over like a candlestick, just right over,” Krinke said. “There’s pretty severe boom damage and the crane was lightly damaged. It fell away from everything and just hit the ground.

“It was properly set, but it’s happened many times before with a sudden wind.”

The winds also kept fire crews hopping to downed telephone lines and knocked-over antennae in Edmonton yesterday. And a city legal and accounting firm was left with a twisted awning after a gale knocked it down at 9702 111 Ave.

No injuries were reported in Edmonton due to the winds, caused by competing low- pressure systems in Manitoba and Alberta and a high-pressure ridge on the B.C. coast, according to Environment Canada meteorologist Dave Overton.

A number of lightning strikes Sunday night combined with yesterday’s winds kept TransAlta crews on their toes repairing dozens of fallen lines and poles across Alberta.

But the only power outage in Edmonton yesterday occurred when a hit-and-run driver struck a power pole guy wire at 82 Avenue and 75 Street around 1:40 p.m. The contact was so hard the power lines slapped into each other, said EPCOR spokesman Lynn Hutchings.

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