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An RT335 With a Bent Boom


RT335 Bent Telescopic Boom 2000Here’s the picture of the RT335 that the boom was bent on. I guess this is called a ‘pleasure bend’ in New England. The first grey section of boom next to the white butt section has a nice bend.

The second grey section does also, but is less noticable. Once again this happened when someone didn’t bother to check the weight of a crawler crane counterweight and relied on the computer.

When lifting a load, the computer can’t register the proper weight until the whole thing is off the ground (as you very well know). He picked the load to turn it upright by allowing the counterweight to rest on a corner. The weight slipped when enough pull was given. It was totally overweight at the radius(72′).

The person operating the crane was not an operator.

Nobody was hurt.

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