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Student Climbs 200 ft. Crane Boom and Falls to His Death.


United Kingdom

An Oxford university student plunged 200 feet to his death after climbing to the top of a crane in the city centre. The man, aged 22, had managed to inch his way to the end of the jib before falling.

Police were called 15 hours before the body was found, after a passer-by heard someone shouting from the top of the crane just after midnight on Saturday morning.

Officers could not hear or see anybody on the crane and went away – unaware that the young man was lying dead just yards from them.

The alarm was raised on Saturday afternoon, when a resident spotted the body in a garden in Rectory Road.

Detective Chief Inspector George Turner said that the death appeared to be an accident.

“It appears that the young man had fallen from the end of the crane jib, which was about 200ft high and overhanging the neighbouring gardens.

“The man had suffered multiple injuries despite his fall being broken by a tree.”

It appeared that he had been out drinking on Friday night with a group of other students. He had climbed over a fence on to a building site.

“He climbed the crane and was shouting from the top. At that stage it appears, his friends left him.” His body was identified by a fellow student. He has not yet been named but his parents live in the west country.

“We are fairly sure that this man’s death was an accident. It is too early to speculate on what led to him climb the crane.”

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