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February, 2000 Archive

Worker was Electrocuted and Severely Burned


The story is reliable as I personally know most involved and I am friend with the worker that was hurt. The story I received is as follows: A mechanic for a pile driving company was operating the yard crane when he managed to contact power lines around the yard. The Read More

Crane on Lorry Hits Flyover


Heavy metal: workers check the damage after a lorry driver, who did not lower his crane, crashed into a flyover in Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen.

$18,000 for August 19 Death


Federal officials seek $18,000 in penalties for safety violations, in the above accident. OSHA officials say violations involved safety and inspection of the crane boom, and the placement of workers directing the crane operator. See Original Story

Waste Hauler Killed When Boom Falls


Waukegan, Illinois More details lost due to broken / missing links.

Student Climbs 200 ft. Crane Boom and Falls to His Death.


United Kingdom An Oxford university student plunged 200 feet to his death after climbing to the top of a crane in the city centre. The man, aged 22, had managed to inch his way to the end of the jib before falling. Police were called 15 hours before the body Read More

Crane Comes Crashing Down


Pittsburgh Jere Burns, an employee of Buncher Co., picks up cable yesterday from the parking lot of AT&T Cable Services on the 300 block of Corliss Street in Elliott. A crane tipped over in the lot yesterday morning as it attempted to remove a sign. Pittsburgh police said the crane Read More

Four Die in Motorway Crane Crash


United Kingdom Four people have been killed in a motorway accident in which a mobile crane crossed the central reservation and crashed into oncoming traffic. The crash, which happened at 1900 GMT on Thursday night, has caused traffic chaos overnight, with stationary queues several miles long on the M6 in Read More

Mobile Crane Collided with a Garden Wall


Residents described how their houses shook after a mobile crane collided with a garden wall in Honey Lane, Waltham Abbey, and then ended up on its side. The accident was the result of a mechanical failure with the crane.

Second Kohler Construction Company Electrocution


This is the second electrocution of a Kohler Construction Company employee at a Florida construction site within the past three years. OSHA Fines

Crane Collapse Kills Two People and Injures Others


Two people were killed and at least two others injured when a crane collapsed Wednesday at a power plant construction site. 6/12/2002: Contractor Files Suit

Interstate 98 Delayed Due to Wrecks


Lakeland, Florida Wrecks involving a crane truck and a tanker truck forced temporary closures of lanes on Interstate 4 and U.S. 98 in north Lakeland.