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Boom Truck Accident

Boom Truck Accident

A boom truck tips and comes to rest on building. No injuries and virtually no damage to crane, appears that they overloaded the skip box and in conjunction with an inexperienced operator things go wrong.

Wind Gusts Knock Over Mobile Crane


Alameda Sask, Canada A crane was blown over by wind gusting 45 to 60 mph. The crane fell on steel bins on elevator construction site. Crane type was mobile American 40 or 50 ton with 180 plus for boom as far as I could tell. There was nobody hurt, bin Read More

More Power Lines Struck


High Point, North Carolina A telescopic-boom truck crane struck power lines while the operator was preparing to lift roof trusses

65 Feet of Boom Collapses 733RT Grove

65 Feet of Boom Collapses 733RT Grove (1)

They were trying to move a 733RT Grove with approx 65ft of boom extended. The machine did not have the house lock engaged, it swung to the side, slowly tipped over and came to rest on some wall forms. No one was hurt and the machine most likely has no Read More



South Boston A quick-thinking crane operator prevented an accident from becoming a tragedy yesterday when a 120-foot-long boom broke apart at a Big Dig site in South Boston during the morning rush hour, officials said. Working at the intersection of Broadway and Frontage Road about 8:15, the crane operator was Read More

One Worker Seriously Injured in Truck Crane Accident


Castle Rock, Colorado A 30-year-old victim, James Lynch, was gravely injured on October 18, 1999 while working with a USTC 28L truck crane at a home construction. The USTC 28L was being used to unload and lift plywood to the second story of the home. The 30-year-old victim was located Read More

Power Line Accident


Plano, Texas A 278H Link-Belt and a 6275 Krupp were placing bridge beams on the new highway 190 in Plano, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. The beams were being placed with a crane attached to each end of the beams. Half way through one lift the 6275 Krupp broke the Read More

Absence of Signal Guide Costs Crane

Link-Belt Crane Concrete Panel Accident

Tarboro, North Carolina A 65 ton Link-Belt crane was picking up a 17,000 lb precast concrete panel from a flatbed trailer. Four lifting points were used on the face and two on the top of the panel. Shake out hooks were used as a “lazy” method to release the panel Read More

Construction Accident Crushed & Killed Worker

Crane Tips Over in Ohio - Kills One

Toledo, ohio NIOSH In-house FACE Report 2000-12 Carpenter Dies After Being Struck by Uncontrolled Concrete Bucket When Crane Tips Over – Ohio OFFICIAL REPORT Summary On October 13, 1999, a 50-year-old male carpenter (the victim) at a municipal construction site died after he was struck by a loaded concrete bucket Read More

Crane Topples Off Bridge


Clinton, Iowa A crane operator escaped serious injuries yesterday when the crane toppled off the Gateway Bridge and fell about 80 feet to a muddy backwater area below. Jerry Russell, 57, of New Boston, Ill., was able to jump clear of the crane, falling 6-8 feet to the bridge deck Read More

Monumental Crane Mishap


Wilmington, NC More information lost due to broken links

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