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Odense Steel Shipyard´s Gantry Crane Severely Damaged


Intensive efforts at Odense Steel Shipyard

Gantry Crane Accident from StormOdense Steel Shipyard is facing a production stop for a period of time after the Yard’s gantry crane was totally destructed in the hurricane, Friday, 3 December. Over the weekend the Yard’s management and a considerable number of employees started preparations for removal of the collapsed crane and to find a replacement for the lost crane capacity.

Gantry Crane Accident from Storm (2)Early Monday, 6 December, Odense Steel Shipyard’s Managing Director, John Skov Hansen, informed the Yard’s staff about the efforts initiated so far. Due to the unfortunate situation the management has found it imperative to send the production staff, approx. 2,000 employees, home from today.

Gantry Crane Accident from Storm (3)Intensive efforts are being made to get Yard production going again and staff back to work as soon as possible.

Odense Steel Shipyard´s gantry crane severely damaged

The hurricane which passed Denmark Friday, 3 December, in the evening and night hours, caused extense damages on the huge gantry crane in the dock area at Odense Steel Shipyard.

The crane has overturned and the cross girder is resting on the deck of a newbuilding under construction in the yard´s drydock. The damages on the newbuilding are for the present estimated to be manageable.

Gantry Crane Accident from Storm (4)There were no casualties.

The crane is considered totally wrecked and ahead is a large fairly clean-up.

The Yard´s employees will receive further information at a meeting Monday morning, 6. December.

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