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Crane Boom Fell Across Student’s Car


Carrollton, Texas

Crane boom fell across student’s car as the student was leaving parking lot

Aa 65 ton Link-Belt lattice boom truck crane had its boom fall at a local high school here, that was having a new addition added on to it.

A TMS 865 Grove was dispatched to the location to remove the boom from the affected area.

It appears that a bolt had broken on the boom brake band to the hydraulic cylinder that is supposed to hold the boom hoist drum when it is disengaged from hoisting or lowering operations. The crane had 140′ of main boom and a 45′ jib. When it fell it landed on the car of a student who was leaving the High School at the time. The student was taken to a local hospital and was released later that day with only minor scrapes and bruises.

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