Crane Accidents

Boomed Into Power Lines Above


Maryville, Illinois

An operator of a boom truck (electrical contractor) who was unloading a piece of equipment at Maryville Water PlantĀ in Maryville, Illinois (just outside St. Louis) allowed his boom to contact an overhead power line. Upon contacting the line the boom truck caught fire causing second and third degree burns to most of the operator’s body. The operator, on fire and obviously in shock, ran from the machine to get help. It was at that time that he noticed that he himself had been burned. The crane was a Smeal 10 Ton Hydraulic Derrick

No other information has been reported about this incident either publicly or through the construction grapevine. I assume that additional information would be available from the Maryville Fire Department (area code 618). Hope this may be of use to you.

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