Crane Accidents

Boom Buckles at 160 Feet


Boom Length: 160 Feet

While attempting to lift a 40′ high X 20′ wide #90,000-pound concrete tilt-up panel, the panel popped loose and swung into the already vertically erected tilt-up panel next to it, causing it to fall on the crane. This started a chain of events that lead to extensive damage to the crane and two concrete panels. No one was injured.Boom Buckles

The signalman motioned the operator to boom up and center the boom point over the load. The operator obeyed all the signalman’s commands because he was partially working in the blind and could not see the entire panel he was tying to lift.

When the operator hoisted up on the tilt-up panel it broke loose and swung quickly into a metal brace holding the panel nest to it.

The impact of the sliding panel broke one of the metal braces holding the already erected panel.

The erected panel fell toward the crane hitting the butt section of the boom first. This buckled the boom causing it to fall to the ground.

Then the panel continued downward striking the superstructure of the crane’s carrier deck and the right front outrigger.

Prior to the final impact the operator jumped clear of the cab.

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