Crane Accidents

One Worker Seriously Injured in Truck Crane Accident


Castle Rock, Colorado

A 30-year-old victim, James Lynch, was gravely injured on October 18, 1999 while working with a USTC 28L truck crane at a home construction.

The USTC 28L was being used to unload and lift plywood to the second story of the home. The 30-year-old victim was located on the second floor of the home. As the truck crane was lifting the load of plywood, all 10 bolts fastening the turntable base to the torque box failed, causing the boom to fall forward and strike the victim in the head. As a result, the victim sustained multiple severe injuries, including, but not limited to, head injury, skull fracture, facial fractures, back injury requiring a 5-level spinal fusion, broken femur, broken pelvis, and a broken shoulder.

Local OSHA officials and others are investigating. Preliminary investigation suggests that some of the bolts had pre-existing fractures.

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