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Tarboro, North Carolina

Link-Belt Crane Concrete Panel AccidentA 65 ton Link-Belt crane was picking up a 17,000 lb precast concrete panel from a flatbed trailer. Four lifting points were used on the face and two on the top of the panel. Shake out hooks were used as a “lazy” method to release the panel hooks once the panel was vertical.

The line to the shake out hooks drooped over the side of the panel as it was lifted. It caught on the bumper of the trailer and the panel was pulled forward with the trailer a short distance. The boom flexed just enough to sling shot the panel into the driving cab of this all-terrain crane, once the line released.

The cab was demolished at head level. There was no one coordinating the lift. The truck driver did not see the line caught. The tag line people were inexperienced and inattentive. The crane operator made the lift from a position where he could not see the panel. No damage other than property.

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