Crane Accidents

“Big Blue” Crane Accident of 1999


BIG BLUE the tallest crane in the world (almost 600 feet) fell this afternoon at the sports stadium under construction in Milwaukee of the baseball stadium Miller Park at about 5:15 P.M. The 450 ton load coupled with 30 mile an hour winds caused the gigantic tower crane’s integrity to be compromised.

This accident is considered one of the largest crane accidents in history considering the loss of life, injury and cost of damage.

The names of the three workers who died in the tragedy:

Jerome W. Starr – Age 52, Wife, Ramona.

Jeffrey A. Wischer – Age 40, Wife Trish and 3 children

William DeGrave – Age 39, Wife Marjorie and 3 children

Big Blue Crane Collapse 1999 - Animation

Big Blue Crane Collapse 1999 (2)

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  1. bobbi says:

    I spent that afternoon golfing at a little, mostly “Par 3” golf course. Winds were so punishing, so gusty, so utterly unpredictable that even a little, 25 yard “chip” shot was impossible to control.

    Returning home, I drove past the construction site shortly after the collapse. “I tawt I taw a Bwoken Kwane! I *did*! I *did* tee a bwoken kwane!”

    The were utterly DAFT to even attempt crane operations under such conditions, FAR LESS moving FOUR-HUNDRED-FIFTY-FWEAKING-TONS in nearly GALE FORCE winds.

    I can’t conrol a fsking GOLF ball, but they can control a STADIUM ROOF?

    DAFT, I tell you, DAFT!

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