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Operator Dies From Injuries Following an Accident With a 4100 Manitowoc


Lloydminster, Saskatchewan Canada

Manitowoc Boom Collapses Killing Operator - Canada

At the Husky Oil co-generation project a 4100 Manitowoc in a ringer configuration was attempting to hoist a burner weighing in excess of 130 tons. It was hoisted to a height of approximately 85 feet when the operator was instructed to begin lowering the equipment, he dropped it approximately 10 feet and was able to “catch it”. He again attempted to lower it and it dropped again, this time he was not able to hold it and the boom was ripped from it’s foot pins and collapsed. The mast fell behind the crane, the counterweight was also ripped off the machine.

When the dust all settled, the operator was trapped inside the cab with his legs being held by the foot peddles, he was removed from site and later died in hospital from massive internal injuries.

Manitowoc Boom Buckles Killing Operator (3)Manitowoc Boom Buckles Killing Operator (2)

The crane was owned by Lampson Canada on bare rent to Commonwealth Construction. The main operator had decided to take the day off and a decision was made to have the individual who died operate the crane (he was employed as a 22 ton hydraulic operator). Amazingly no one else was injured.

The operator’s name was David Parslows from the Vancouver area. Dave was a 20 year member of local 115, working on permit to local 955. Dave was quite well versed in conventionals including Manitowoc. We still don’t have all the details of the accident, other than rumors and enuendos. Unfortunately the only one that REALLY knows what happened is dead. As the investigation continues, I’ll try and keep the group abreast of the details as I receive them.

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