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Manitex Topples Over


Phoenix, Arizona

Manitex Topples Over - Phoenix, AZ (1)The crane was a 2592 Manitex, being used to set aluminum light poles, the operator set one and moved on down the street to set another. Only this time he decided not to extend the outriggers, only set the jacks. Also appears he cheated on the PAT.

As he was swinging over the left side the crane did a swan dive (the boom was extended to aprox. 60-0). The operator bailed from the rig and landed on the curb, breaking his foot in several places with the bone coming through the skin. The crane boom Tip, outer Mid and Base sections were damaged that we know of, when a tear down starts more will probably be found. The two outriggers on left side broke off the knuckles on each, where the pads attach. Luckily the riggers were not hurt.

Manitex Topples Over - Phoenix, AZ (2)

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