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Koch Petroleum Refinery Accident


Rosemount, Minnesota Personnel responded quickly today to ensure the safety of refinery employees after a steel vessel dropped about eight feet to the ground from a crane cable. The incident resulted in only one minor injury.

Anthony Crane Crashes at Riverwalk Site


Augusta, Georgia A routine drill to test Augusta’s ability to protect downtown from floods went awry Tuesday when a crane hired to lift logs into openings in the levee tipped over and injured the operator.

110 Mile Per Hour Wind Gusts Topple Crane

Wind Gusts Topple Crane

Ogden, Utah Up to 110 mile per hour wind gusts topples crane. Further details are lost due to removed articles / links by The Salt Lake City Tribune and StandardNet.

Boom Buckles From 47′ Grab

Boom Buckles from 47 Foot Grab

The crane was an American 8470. The operator first attempted to pick the panel of the slab at 47 feet. He then repositioned the crane twice more and finally got the panel off the slab and was attempting to boom it up and the crane would not boom up. The Read More

Manitex Topples Over

Manitex Topples Over - Phoenix, AZ (1)

Phoenix, Arizona The crane was a 2592 Manitex, being used to set aluminum light poles, the operator set one and moved on down the street to set another. Only this time he decided not to extend the outriggers, only set the jacks. Also appears he cheated on the PAT. As Read More

Rescue From a Towering Inferno

Rescued Worker from Flaming Building

Atlanta, Georgia A US construction worker has survived a dramatic helicopter rescue from the top of a burning crane. Iver Sims was trapped on top of a swaying, 75-metre (250-foot) crane above a raging warehouse fire in East Atlanta for more than an hour. He was forced to escape from Read More

Backhoe Tips – Victim Drowns


About a month ago an operator was killed when the backhoe he was operating near the waters edge turned over into the water. The operator was pinned underneath the machine and drowned. This accident also happened in the Fort Meyers area.

Bucket Truck Operator Electrocuted


Last week a bucket truck operator was electrocuted when his boom came into contact with some power lines. He hung there for more than an hour before the power could be shut off. Some of the local fire and medical personnel are having a hard time coping with what they Read More

Operator Drowns in Bridge Collapse


Norfolk, Virginia Police, Coast Guard and private divers suspended their searches Wednesday for a missing crane operator who fell into the Elizabeth River after a bridge collapsed Tuesday night at Norshipco. After the all-night search for George T. Freeman, 40, of Eure, N.C., was suspended by Norfolk police divers and the Read More