Crane Accidents

Worker Pinned by Massive Liebherr Crane


Houston, Texas

One of Anthony’s 300 ton cranes overturned trapping a person under it. Not sure of every detail, but he was rescued and life flighted to Herman Hospital. Lots of broken bones is what we understand. Will keep you posted as soon as additional information is received.

The crane that overturned was a Liebherr 1225 hydraulic crane (300 ton capacity). The crane was in the process of being broken down for moving when the accident occurred. With the outriggers retracted, the operator swung the crane and it tipped over backwards. It was equipped with a 44,000 pound counterweight. The standby operator was standing on the deck of the crane and couldn’t get off in time to avoid being injuried. He has a cracked ankle, some damaged ligaments, and muscles. He was pinned from the waist down and is very fortunate he is alive to tell about it. He is out of the hospital and recrupriating at home.

The incident is still under investigation.

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