Crane Accidents

Christopher Green


Las Vegas, Nevada

Christopher GreenA Las Vegas man was killed Monday night when a four-ton slab fell from a Vegas resort under construction. Tourists on the Las Vegas Strip watched as the iron and concrete section, about 10-feet by 20-feet, fell to the ground.

24-year old Christopher Green was crushed to death. Green was a husband and a father. He had gotten out of the army.
Green and another worker, who managed to get clear in time, found themselves under the falling section. No other injuries were reported.

Slab Fell on Christopher GreenA Wisconsin couple caught the accident on tape. The couple told News 3 they were video taping how construction crews would get the slab into place when the accident happened.

Another witness says he thought the incident was planned, then he saw security guards running back into the construction site. A crane was moving the piece into place at the top of the western tower of the hotel.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating.

Construction on the one-point-four (b) billion dollar hotel-casino project began in 1997. It is scheduled to open in April 1999. Some three thousand construction workers are involved in the project which is under construction during day and night.

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