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Crane Topples on H-1, Three Injured



Crane Topples Over Onto Freeway HonoluluThree people were injured today when a Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co. crane carrying a heavy concrete block toppled over on the H-1 Freeway.

Police said the incident occured at about 9 a.m. in an eastbound lane near the the exit to Hickam Air Force Base.

A Nissan Sentra hit the crane’s boom just seconds after it had fallen, police and witnesses said. Two people were pulled from the mangled car and taken to Queen’s Hospital in guarded condition.

A sports utility vehicle rear-ended the car, injuring a third person who also was taken to the hospital.

“It’s not too often you see a road accident with a piece of heavy equipment,” said Sgt. Gordon Costa.

Kenneth Blair, 20, said he saw the crane topple.

“It was nothing I had ever imagined seeing,” he said. “Slowly, the two legs came off the ground and then — boom! — it went straight down.”

Blair said the driver of the crane jumped out, visibly shaken, and ran to the Sentra to help the injured couple.

Police said the incident is being classified as a motor vehicle accident.

The crane was working on construction of a so-called “zipper lane,” in which a conveyer will create contra-flow lanes using a moveable concrete barrier.

Another crane was brought in to right the fallen one.

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