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Doyle Peeks Trapped Under Crane


Doyle Peeks Crushed Under CraneDoyle Peeks

“It is very embarrassing to publicize this, especially since that is me, Doyle Peeks, trapped under that 580 Case. Yes, I gave myself a Dummy Award. I did something dumb.

I put the photo here in hopes it may keep someone else from repeating what I did. What I did is commonly referred to as “Cowboying” in the construction trades. Yes, I’ll be the first to admit, it was a dumb thing to do. Thank God I lived to tell about it.

The accident happened on October 6, 1988 on the shoreline of Lake Ray Hubbard near Dallas, Texas. I had about thirty-five years of operating experience. I just got too confident. I thought I could go racing down a slopped embankment without rolling the machine. I had always thought that if a machine ever started to roll that I could hang on to something and not be thrown off of the machine. Boy, was I ever wrong. It happened so fast, I was on the ground before I knew what was happening. Prior to falling off of the machine, I grabbed at everything I could and couldn’t find a thing to hold on to.

Doyle Peeks Under Mobile Crane (2)The roll-over protection landed on my left knee and pinned me down. It took an hour and forty-five minutes to get another machine to the site to lift it off of me. Diesel was running under me, and I was losing blood fast. My left arm was broken in five places and all but mangled. I now have a steel plate in it holding the five breaks together. I lost about fifty percent use of the arm. Thank God, I can still pull control levers with it.

Am I now paranoid about seat belts? You bet. When I mount a piece of rubber tired equipment now, the first thing I do is fasten the seat belt. I pulled a dumb, stupid stunt, but I will not be fool enough to do it again.

Young or old, experienced or not, fasten that seat belt.

Note to designers/manufacturers: A steel bar, heavy expanded metal, or pipe across each side of the small loader/backhoes could prevent an operator from falling or being thrown off of the machine.”

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